In January 2019, Transport Canada hosted a technical workshop entitled “Quieting Ships to Protect the Marine Environment” at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Headquarters in London, UK.

Around 140 subject-matter experts from around the world gathered at this event for two and half days. The purpose of the workshop was to identify the state of knowledge on quiet ship design, provide an opportunity for international collaboration, and exchange research ideas. Elevated anthropogenic underwater noise in the oceans has been a known issue since the early part of the 21st century, and marine biology researchers have determined that the increase in underwater-radiated noise has multiple negative impacts on various species of marine life.

The technical program consisted of nine focused presentations addressing topics such as the impact of underwater noise on marine life, challenges in setting underwater noise limits, marine industry activities in controlling undersea sound from shipping, engineering of noise control treatments, and methods of ship noise prediction from hull and propeller.

Acentech’s marine noise expert, Michael Bahtiarian, moderated the London workshop, and created the final report, which is available for download.

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