Imagine an airport designed around the idea of creating an optimal travel experience. The design team for the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport set out to just this. Led by Fennick McCredie Architecture, this airport revitalization provides travelers with state of the art amenities and a pleasurable environment. Acentech provided acoustics and audiovisual consulting for this 47,000 square foot building in Horseheads, NY.

Acentech’s acoustics consultants focused on three main design areas: room acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical system noise control. To improve traveler comfort in the terminal, lobby areas, and other public spaces, we recommended room finishes to help absorb sound, control reverberation, and enhance intelligibility of announcements. Our consultants focused on closed-door rooms that required sound isolation from external sources. We also provided recommendations to limit mechanical system noise and vibration to meet appropriate background noise levels. All efforts work together to improve speech intelligibility and ultimately improve the user experience.

The audiovisual design focused on the paging and visual systems for Elmira’s general airport operations. Due to the zoning requirements, current equipment locations, and the need for intelligibility, our consultants worked closely with Fennick McCredie to ensure the audiovisual systems were harmoniously integrated with the rest of the airport’s features. This coordination, along with working internally with our acoustics team, ensures that arriving and departing passengers are provided with vital information as they move through the terminal. Special attention went into designing and integrating “programmable glass info walls” located in departure areas that display pertinent flight information, directions, advertising, and local attractions.

Acentech’s work, as well as the work of the entire design team, focused around re-imagining the airport experience. Our consultants worked to abate the frustrations and difficulties related to noise and unintelligible announcements that most often plague not only the public but airport employees as well. Mitigating background noise, decreasing reverberation time, and placing loudspeakers and paging equipment in the optimal areas all work to provide a comfortable and stress-free user experience.

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