March 7, 2016 | Written by: Karen Kroll | Featuring: Ioana Pieleanu | Original Publication: Building Operations Management

Ceilings Are Crucial Elements in The Design and Acoustics of Commercial Spaces

Does your work space have acoustics issues? Well, look up. Literally.

When it comes to room acoustics and even aesthetic design, ceilings are key to commercial spaces. Within this article from Building Operations Management, author Karen Kroll talks to Ioana Pieleanu, one of Acentech’s Senior Acoustics Consultants, about ceiling-related trends and concerns within the corporate/commercial community. Other notable professionals within this discussion include experts from various, well-respected architecture firms such as Francis Cauffman, Gensler, Hixon, HGA, MPA, and CBT Architects. When you’re looking at how your ceiling can impact your offices, turns out, the sky’s the limit.

Although our site provides a link to a PDF version of this article, please feel free to check out Building Operations Management for current links to other firms mentioned within the article and to explore the other information their site has to offer. Click here to see the article on this publication’s website.



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