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A Transforming Industry: How Architectural Acoustics has Changed

A Transforming Industry

As a 60+ year observer of the field of architectural acoustics, mechanical and electrical noise and vibration control in addition to exterior noise from aircraft, street traffic, and adjacent trains, I acknowledge and appreciate the way these consulting fields are being transformed.

For example: in performing arts facility acoustics, over these 60+ years, the few factors considered when designing facilities in the 1950s have multiplied 10 fold.

I believe it is especially remarkable how the manner in which consulting practice has changed and the phenomenal way the practice has become far more complicated.  Results are also more predictable.

Not only are there many more technical concerns necessary to the design of sophisticated buildings, but the consultant must also become technically competent in computer use and more complicated building standards. Among these standards, the most commonly used and which relate to acoustics is the ANSI S12.60 standard for classroom acoustics, LEED, CHPS, FGI acoustical guideline for healthcare facilities, local and state-wide noise ordinances, etc.

For example, communication of information and storage of specific recommendations for specific clients demands that consultants keep up-to-date with improving computer software and accessories.  New techniques, like 3D listening, require adroit handling of computer programming, sound equipment, and detailed knowledge of recording techniques.

Contemporary consulting practice also demands up-to-date appreciation and facility in human relations, including efforts to eliminate racism, sexism, and homophobia. Racial equity and justice are particularly important in maintaining a contemporary consultancy.

This means special attention must be paid to hiring techniques that may be new, along with new approaches to nurturing young people as they consider career training and opportunities.

All of these activities continue to make architectural acoustics and noise control a fascinating career.

If you are interested in a rewarding career in a field that will not disappear as service automatization become more prevalent, please consider acoustics and noise control.  Consultants at Acentech can provide more information and suggestions for training and careers.