The St. Jude Parish in Mountain Top, PA is much more than a place of worship—it is a vibrant community of people with a love of education and charitable work. This dynamic group of parishioners has seen a sustained growth in their membership over the years. To meet the changing needs of their congregation, the Parish looked to designers at Hemmler + Camayd to expand the main worship space. Acentech’s team of acousticians assisted designers throughout this project.

To maximize seating capacities without detracting from a sense of community, St. Jude Parish selected a cruciform floor plan with wooden pews and an exposed beam ceiling. Acoustically speaking, each of these elements can pose a challenge when designing a space for worship. The facility’s complex geometry required a careful understanding of how to enhance speech clarity without compromising aesthetic needs. After all, one of the most vital aspects to worship services is the voice of whomever is guiding congregants—if people are unable to hear prayer and discussion, a unifying sense of community can be lost quickly. Acentech worked to ensure proper sound treatments enhanced the workability of the space. This entailed the carefully-selected locations for both absorptive materials to reduce noise buildup and reflective materials to allow leaders’ voices to carry with ease.

With a lively new site to call their own, worshipers within the St. Jude Parish can now truly come together as a whole community to celebrate.

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