The Wat Nawamintararachutis Thai Buddhist Temple in Raynham, MA, is the largest Thai Buddhist Temple outside of Thailand. The 110,000 SF facility includes a meditation room, residence hall for monks and visitors, offices, study and circulation space, a courtyard, a museum/library, and a divisible multipurpose room. Acentech was hired to provide acoustics and audiovisual consulting services throughout the facility.

The focus on meditation throughout the facility made quiet background conditions a necessity. Acentech’s acoustics consultants provided design guidance regarding control of noise and vibration due to the mechanical equipment, advice regarding airflow velocities, and input relating to duct system arrangements in order to meet the noise goals of the project.

Acentech’s acoustics consultants also recommended room finish treatments to help achieve desirable room acoustics conditions for each space within the temple. We also recommended wall constructions in the divisible multipurpose room, and the glass walls in the meditation rooms and temple.

Acentech’s audiovisual design for the multi-purpose room included sound reinforcement and a large video display. The sound reinforcement system features two large digitally steerable loudspeaker arrays, which were placed to provide uniform sound pressure levels and a high level of speech intelligibility.

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