Since 1868, Ocean House has been the quintessential Victorian summer home for the well-to-do in the New England area. The iconic resort is situated in the town of Watch Hill, Rhode Island, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Acentech assisted Centerbrook Architects in the renovation and reconstruction of the Ocean House from permitting through the completion of construction.

The resort building consists of a spa, restaurants, meeting spaces, hotel rooms, as well as in-residence condominium units on the upper levels. Although the building appears to be a traditional wood-frame Victorian House, it is designed with modern concrete and metal construction. This provides a higher level of sound isolation between the various spaces.

Starting from permitting, Acentech assisted Ocean House in the evaluation of mechanical system noise impact to the neighbors and to the project building. Our goal was to let the residents and guests enjoy the ocean sound, and not the mechanical equipment noise supporting the building. During design, we provided recommendations for building sound isolation, HVAC noise control, and room acoustics for the various spaces within the hotel. We also assisted the team during the construction phase to check that our design recommendations were implemented correctly. During post-construction, we assisted the team in providing solutions for unanticipated noise issues in a timely manner.

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