Acentech was selected by the GUND Partnership and Kenyon College to provide consulting services within two new buildings for the school’s comprehensive arts program. Each building offers different but complimentary experiences for students, faculty, and visitors. One building is dedicated to a more hands-on experience, while the other provides a more intellectual approach to artistic understanding.

The new Visual Arts Building at Kenyon College focuses on independent studies and provides its faculty and students with studio spaces and offices. This building includes unique spaces to meet the creative needs of the school through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, metal working, woodworking, ceramics, print production, and comprehensive digital production.

The Art History and Gund Gallery buildings offer a new approach to the Studio Art program at Kenyon College. The Gund Gallery boasts a 6,100 SF gallery, a smaller secondary gallery, an entry lower level lobby for public gatherings. There is also a 140-seat auditorium, along with a classroom, seminar room, offices, and storage spaces.

Acentech assisted GUND Partnership in architectural acoustics and audiovisual designs to meet the shifting needs of the program. This required proper sound isolation between, designing the HVAC system for limited background sound levels. We also consulted GUND on room finishes for the auditorium, galleries, and gathering spaces. Audiovisual technology consultations for the gallery spaces and auditorium were provided as well.

The Gallery earned a LEED Silver certification from the USGBC. It also won the Boston Society of Architects Education Facilities Design Award and Honor Award, as well as the Society of College and University Planning (SCUP)/American Institute.

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