Terence Tyson

Terence M. Tyson, PE, INCE Bd. Cert.

Principal Consultant

215 245 5892

What I’m Listening to Now

“I came to work at Acentech after 15 years of acoustics consulting in Chicago and 13 years in the chemical and process industries before that. Having worked both in cement plants and concert halls, I can assure you that concert halls are better. What I most enjoy about this profession is the opportunity to help improve the environment in which young people make music.”

Terry Tyson is an acoustician with many years of experience consulting on a wide variety architectural acoustics projects in sound sensitive commercial, institutional, and residential facilities. His areas of concentration include mechanical systems noise and vibration control, architectural acoustics, and environmental noise control. Much of his work has involved collaborating with mechanical and electrical engineers on the control of noise from HVAC and other mechani­cal and electrical systems in sound critical facilities such as concert halls, music conservatories, performing arts centers, and recording studios. His experience also includes consulting work for healthcare facilities, high-rise residential buildings, corporate office buildings, classrooms, and lecture halls.

Rock & Roll

Outside of work and graduate school, I play in a rock & roll band. It’s fun to see photos of gigs where we’re jamming and having fun. The man I most look up to? Without a doubt – my late father who served in the Eighth Armored Division in Europe during WWII.


  • The Pennsylvania State University, Master of Engineering, Acoustics
  • Illinois Institute of Technology, Graduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Illinois
  • Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Board Certified
  • Regular guest lecturer at the University of Illinois School of Architecture
  • Serves as an expert witness in alternate dispute resolution legal proceedings