January 27, 2016 | Written by: Dan Adams | Original Publication: The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe – If These Walls Could Talk

Companies love to include grand rooms in their buildings, cavernous statement spaces with high ceilings and monolithic glass walls that draw the eye and the mind upward. But for all their visual majesty, these symbols of ambition and collaboration often come with a serious drawback: terrible acoustics.

That’s because the very features that appeal to our eyes — large, hard, flat surfaces — are the hardest on our ears, reflecting every sound and making those spaces uncomfortably noisy.

Sound-absorbing panels and other treatments have been used for decades to improve acoustics in large spaces. However, architects often worry they will spoil a building’s clean look. It’s also hard to appreciate how unpleasant an acoustically deficient room can be until you’re standing inside it, shouting to be heard over the din.

This is where a company like Acentech can help.



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