June 7, 2019 | Written by: Fitzmeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.  | Featuring: Behjamin Davenny and Minh Tran | Original Publication: Fitzmeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.

Building the Infrastructure to Support Telemedicine Delivery

Principal Consultant Benjamin Davenny, PE, EDAC, INCE Bd. Cert. of Acentech’s archtectural acoustics group, and Minh Tran of our AV systems group, contributed to a white paper authored by Fitzmeyer & Tocci on guidelines for building infrastructure to support telemedicine delivery in healthcare environments.

“Remote patient care and treatment through telemedicine provides healthcare organizations with the ability to increase patient-provider interaction at a lower overall cost of service at a rapid internet speed. In addition to improved patient care and convenience, telemedicine provides the societal benefit of extending quality healthcare to rural and other under served areas and may reduce the overall carbon footprint of healthcare delivery. This guide explores and summarized the unique physical infrastructure requirements and best practices for creating and maintaining a telemedicine center, whether in an existing healthcare setting or as a stand-alone facility…”

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