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"It’s exciting to work in an environment that bridges my two passions, music and architecture, which I see through the lens of sound and space. I enjoy the ability to witness and appreciate the reciprocities of physical space being an informant of sound behavior and vice versa."

Sheldon (Shelly) Alfred is a member of Acentech’s Architectural Acoustics group. He consults on a range of project types, including institutional, residential, historic, and commercial buildings, providing guidance on room acoustics, sound isolation, and optimal acoustical performance. He has a passion for the intersection of architecture and sound, believing the iterative nature of the two fields is the basis of high-quality deliverables for each project. In his spare time, Shelly is an award-winning artiste and songwriter for Signal Band, known throughout the Caribbean for their original Bouyon music.

A Musical Nature

When not at work, I am most likely in the studio working on music. I love getting some physical activity in; so, I could be at the gym or playing soccer. On weekends, chances are I would be performing at a show across the country or in the Caribbean with my band.



  • Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Master in Architecture, 2022
  • Morgan State University, Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design, 2017
  • Morgan State University: Summa Cum Laude, Class Valedictorian, Fourth Year Award for Design Excellence, Bronze Alpha Rho Chi Medal, Clara I. Adams Honors College/National Transfer Honor Society, 2017
  • National Youth Awards – President’s Outstanding Youth of the Year, 2022, Male Youth of the Year, 2022, Outstanding Youth in Music, 2015
  • Dominica Music Awards – Songwriter of the Year, 2022
  • National Cultural Awards – Dominica Young Artiste Award, 2020