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Enhancing Acoustics in Indoor Atriums – The Construction Specifier

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Indoor atriums can be great spaces for dining and gathering; plenty of natural light, fun amenities, and beautiful architectural design. However, there may be drawbacks to due to glass and other sound-reflective materials. When the space becomes occupied by patrons, conversations become harder to hear; especially in a dining setting. Yet, with detailed acoustical design, atriums can house a bustling food court and even live music without noise and bad acoustics affecting the enjoyment of the experience there.

Shelly Alfred, an acoustical consultant at Acentech, explains the importance of acoustical design in spaces with lots of these sound-reflective materials using High Street Place as an example. His article titled “Enhancing Acoustics in Indoor Atriums” was published in the October edition of The Construction Specifier. You can read his article in The Construction Specifier magazine starting on page 14.