The David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts is one of the largest, most comprehensive community arts establishments in the United States, if not the world. With 5 individual theaters and a SACS CASI accredited conservatory program sprawling over 9 acres of land, this institution provides an unprecedented experience to its patrons and students alike. When three of its most popular performance halls needed sound system upgrades, the Straz Center looked directly to Acentech to design their new audiovisual configurations.

Acentech worked closely with key decision makers at the Straz Center to create AV systems for three different venues: the 2,610-seat Carol Morsani Hall, the 1,042-seat Louise Lykes Ferguson Hall, and the 250-seat Lorena Jaeb Theater. While some teams may find it daunting to conduct an overhaul of technical equipment for theaters so varied in size and in purpose, Acentech’s experts were able to easily coordinate these individual jobs to complete this overall project in a timely manner. A key aspect to this unique project also involved the coordination and evaluation of loudspeaker demonstrations to allow stakeholders to see and hear potential loudspeaker solutions in the halls. Acentech then provided design documents to allow AV contractors to bid equally on the project and subsequently also provided commissioning services to verify the accuracy of their installation.

Acnetech’s consultants could not be more proud to contribute to the mission of providing Tampa’s theatergoers an immersive, well-tuned experience when attending performances at the Straz Center — no matter how big or small the production.

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