At Acentech, we nurture a unique culture that infuses talent, passion, and innovation into our workplace, our projects, and our client collaboration.

We are a team of talented and passionate people who respect and enjoy each other. As a firm, we have created a warm and personable family of consultants and business and technical professionals, many of whom have worked at Acentech for decades. The longevity of employees at Acentech is testament to the incredible culture we cherish. Acentech is 100% employee-owned. All owners are current employees, and a majority of ownership is held by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We, as owners, are the beneficiaries of our success and the custodians of our future. Not beholden to external entities, we have the freedom to focus on our core values and interests.

We are motivated by challenge, problem-solving, and intellectual pursuits. Our people say they love coming to work because each day is different and interesting. We consult on project types that challenge us and keep us learning, and we enjoy engaging with clients to realize their vision.

We value teaching and learning, and many of our consultants are academic lecturers and instructors. Several of our consultants are recognized experts in their fields and Fellows who have stewarded technical advancements across our profession through their contributions to the Acoustical Society of America and Institute of Noise Control Engineering. Acentech encourages and supports professional development and growth in all its employees, and the firm is a natural fit for the intellectually curious.

The arts and music play a part in nearly every one of our employees’s lives. We have staff who are avid photographers, and others who play the piano, guitar, cello, saxophone, and French horn. Many are accomplished musicians who are active performers and recorders, and some are active composers, audio engineers, and sound technicians too. And everyone enjoys listening to a good concert in a performance hall with great acoustics!

This lifelong love of music – combined with technical and engineering interests – informed the academic studies and career choices of many of our consultants. Some have backgrounds in architectural acoustics, engineering science, and physics, while others have degrees in music, art and architecture. The common thread is a love of music and a technical passion for engineering.

Acentech believes in giving back, especially to the arts and music communities that have nourished us throughout our lives, by our volunteerism and matching contributions to our employees’ favorite causes.





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Acentech is an employee-owned company, majority-owned by its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).