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      Acentech’s origins and history began with the pioneering work of Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN),founders of the acoustics and audiovisual profession.

      BBN built its reputation working on prestigious and high-profile projects in the United States, and grew into a world-class acoustical consulting firm serving clients globally. Among other technologies, practices and patents, BBN pioneered the use of computer models to design noise barriers near highways and airports, and designed acoustics for the most renowned concert halls and performance spaces in the world. Read More…

      In 1984, BBN and its pioneering acoustical consultants – who would later launch Acentech – were privileged to receive the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Institute of Honor Award, in recognition of “having almost single-handedly invented an entire profession by creating an awareness of acoustical considerations in design and by integrating solutions based on scientific principles with architectural and artistic concepts.”When the acoustics division of BBN became Acentech in 1989, we committed ourselves to building upon this rich heritage by serving a diverse group of global clients with robust technical knowledge and experience. Acentech is proud to be the only acoustical company incorporated directly from acoustics pioneer BBN. Many of our consultants have worked together at both BBN and Acentech, providing an outstanding continuity of service for 30+ years.

      Today, Acentech is a nationally recognized acoustics, audiovisual, IT and security system design, and vibration consulting firm with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles, California. With a professional staff of 70 consultants, Acentech brings more than 60 years of extensive experience and technical knowledge to projects, with an integrated approach that results in cost-efficient solutions and streamlined execution. Hide Text

    • 1948

      Bolt Beranek & Newman founded by Richard Bolt, Leo Beranek and Robert Newman. 

      1948 - BBN Founded - History


    • 1952

      The United Nations Headquarters in New York, NY opens. BBN provided acoustics and audiovisual consulting services for the facility.

      1952 - UN Headquarters - History

    • 1959

      BBN provides consulting services for Tanglewood’s Koussevitzky Music Shed.

      1959 - Tanglewood - History


    • 1962

      BBN designs acoustics for Lincoln Center’s Philharmonic Hall, later renamed Avery Fisher Hall.

      1962 - Lincoln Center Philharmonic Hall - History


    • 1965

      BBN designs sound system for Papal Mass in Yankee Stadium.

      1965 - Yankee Stadium Papal Mass - History

    • 1969

      BBN is awarded contract to build ARPANET, forerunner of the Internet.

      1969 - ARPANET Contract - History

    • 1972

      BBN assists with acoustical analysis of the JFK Assassination Motorcycle Tapes.

      1972 - JFK Investigation - History

    • 1973

      BBN asked to assist with the President Richard Nixon/Watergate tape investigation.

      Nixon - History - 1973

    • 1984

      BBN honored by American Institute of Architects with the Institute Honor.

      1984 - AIA Honor - History

    • 1989

      BBN’s acoustics consulting group is spun off into a wholly-owned subsidiary called Acentech Incorporated.

      Acentech Formed - History - 989

    • 1991

      Acentech becomes wholly independent of BBN.

      Acentech is now 100% employee owned and operated.

      1991 - Acentech Incorporated -History


    • 1996

      Carl Rosenberg becomes president of Acentech.

      Rosenberg History President


    • 2003

      Acentech opens a mid-Atlantic office outside Philadelphia.

      2003 - PA Office Opens - History

    • 2004

      Christopher Savereid becomes Acentech’s president.

      2004 - Savereid President - History

    • 2005

      RH Lyon Corp, a product design and development group with special strengths in sound and vibration, becomes the RH Lyon Division of Acentech. The consultants in the RH Lyon division (now Product Sound) specialize in quiet product design, sound quality, and diagnostic technologies.

      History - Product Sound

    • 2009

      Acentech launches Studio A, a specialized consulting group offering acoustics, audiovisual design, and vibration control for the performing arts.

      2009 - Studio A Launch - History


    • 2011

      Jeff Zapfe becomes Acentech’s third and current president.

      2011 - Zapfe President - History

    • 2013

      Acentech moves its suburban Los Angeles office to a new downtown Los Angeles location to better serve the design community.

      2013 - LA Office Opens - History

    • 2014

      Rebrand of Acentech’s visual identity.

      2014 - Acentech Rebrand - History

    • 2015

      Acentech launches new website.

      2015 - New Website - History

    • 2017

      Acentech officially signs on for an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan).

      Acentech ESOP Signing Photo



33 Moulton Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

617 499 8000

Acentech is an employee-owned company, majority-owned by its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).