Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Acentech is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in our staff, our clients, our projects and our communities.

We strongly believe that a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to our corporate mission: To enhance human comfort, communication, artistic expression, and technical function through design and innovation in acoustics, engineering, and technology for all of society. 

Why is EDI Important to Acentech?

– Diverse groups have been traditionally under-represented in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. We are committed to do our part to try to change that.

– The projects we work on impact generations of people from all types of backgrounds and occupations; to serve them well, we must reflect that diversity.

How Does Acentech Engage in EDI?

In 2019, Acentech established an internal group of junior and senior staff to educate ourselves on EDI initiatives, collect background information, promote EDI objectives and strategies, and to monitor our progress. Our EDI initiatives influence decision-making across our organization from recruitment strategy and leadership training to project engagement and teaming arrangements.

We recently developed a five-year strategic plan to define our long-term growth initiatives. The plan aligns our business model with an emphasis on internal processes, people, organizational management, transparency and accountability, and our EDI commitment.

Acentech actively structures its recruitment strategy to increase diversity among our workforce. The following recent initiatives reflect our commitment to increasing diversity in our future workforce:

–  Senior Consultant, Kelsey Rogers was selected as a Mentor for the 2021 ASA Summer Undergraduate Research and Internship in Acoustics (SURIEA) program. This intensive 12-week summer program exposes underrepresented students of color to the field of acoustics. This is the inaugural year for the program, and it received tremendous interest from students, researchers, and professionals across the country who recognize the importance of increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in acoustics.

–  Acentech’s participated in MIT Girl’s Day in 2019. We staffed an activity table to introduce basic acoustics concepts to a potential cast of future acousticians consisting of girls ages 10 and up.

–  With Nitsch Engineering, one of the largest women-owned engineering firms in the U.S., we led an “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” session in 2017 — a full day of workshops for middle and high-school-aged girls to illustrate basic acoustic and vibration concepts like sound isolation, amplification and resonance.



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