Joshua Brophy


“I used to work as a film archivist, but became interested in acoustics through my hobbies of musical performance and home recording. After embarking on a project to design and build acoustic panels for my home studio, I decided to go back to school to pursue a career in the field.”

Josh Brophy recently joined Acentech’s Acoustics group in Cambridge, MA. While Josh was pursuing his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University he interned at Acentech, and after graduating the following year he joined Acentech as a full-time consultant. Josh is working on various projects involving educational, commercial, and healthcare facilities.

Josh’s Favorite Quote

“The sea takes trouble from you; takes worry and fear and illusion and anger and joy and joking and plans and ambition and love from you. Takes them, scatters them, gathers them, gives them back to you not so big or important as before.” –Gordon Bok


  • Boston University College of Engineering, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering , Concentration in Acoustics 2020
  • University of Amsterdam Amsterdam, Master of Arts in Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image 2013
  • Saint Louis University St. Louis, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Minor in Biology 2011