Acentech’s telecommunications and security systems consultants understand how networks, data centers and telecommunications systems are constantly evolving, and we provide expert guidance, insight and design solutions that architects and network managers depend on. Whether business information involves small data like emails, status reports or spreadsheets, or larger files such as videos, marketing graphics or Revit files, our consultants ask the right questions to plan network infrastructure for now and for the future.

Wireless Networks
Today’s digital information is growing exponentially every day, and the transport format is shifting too. Not long ago, wireless networks only supplemented a network. Now, the wireless network is the primary access to a network. Our telecommunications consultants are trained on AirMagnet Academy software and certified AirMagnet Site Survey Professionals. This accreditation provides the expertise to design access point layouts for a wireless network before a building is built, enabling us to work collaboratively with the client and architect during the design phase and fine-tune the design before the final installation is commissioned.

Telecommunications and Audiovisual Coordination
The audiovisual world is experiencing a generational shift. While more audiovisual control systems have become network-based, 4K video displays are now making their way into boardrooms and classrooms. To support these advanced 4K systems, our telecommunications consultants collaborate with architects to design 10Gb structured cabling solutions and infrastructure for a variety of clients.

Our telecommunications consultants work closely with corporate and higher education clients to design structured cabling systems in science buildings, research labs and other facilities. Acentech’s Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) are trained in a myriad of termination methods, components and media to see that every project is a success. From coordinating service conduit entrances and telecommunication rooms to designing the specialized structured cabling systems for custom lab benches and dry labs, our consultants identify data densities early in the project to ensure that sophisticated telecommunications requirements are achieved on time and on budget.

Security Systems
High-definition security video can be a critical piece of the security system for businesses, hospitals and universities. Our security systems consultants understand how to integrate security video into a broader electronic system by watching a building’s entrance or parking lot to reduce theft in a retail environment or from within a facility. When the security video system is integrated with access control, video can be recorded at locked doors, blind spots on the exterior of the building perimeter, and parking garages.

Acentech provides telecommunications, structured cabling and security systems for:

  • Science and research buildings
  • Business, law and architecture schools
  • Student residence halls
  • Public and independent schools
  • Corporate and commercial buildings
  • Radio stations
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Police barracks

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