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Controlling Vibration

Lab Design
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Much equipment used in nanotech, physical and biological sciences can’t function properly if subjected to vibrations that exceed small threshold values. As a result, lab designers are faced with the challenge of developing designs where vibration disturbances are within acceptable limits to further science.

With the high costs and technical difficulties associated with the design of high-tech facilities and labs, potential disturbances must be discussed early in the design process. Implementation of vibration control measures must be well-planned and verified as the design and construction process progresses, and electromagnetics specialists are critical to this success.

The effectiveness of a vibration control solution is governed by the laws of physics. And, while physics hasn’t changed, isolation requirements have. Modern lab equipment is becoming more sensitive, placing tighter constraints on allowable levels of vibration.

This article will discuss how proper vibration/EMI control in lab environments furthers research by isolating state-of-the-art vibration-sensitive equipment.