Concerns about the new Salt Lake City City noise regulations prompted the architect behind the design and construction of a major addition to an existing data center that processes high-volume internet-based transactions to request Acentech’s assistance.

At the time of construction, the facility was not near any sensitive receptors (residences, hotels, schools, etc), however, the adjacent property is expected to be developed at some future time. Working with the design team, Acentech’s consultants assisted with the design and specification of the facility and individual equipment. The scope of work on the project included development of sound criteria for the facility based on the baseline ambient sound measurements and the proposed new local noise regulation; predictive modeling of sound levels based on equipment selection and layout; recommendations for noise specifications for major equipment items; and mitigation treatments to address the project goals.

Acentech conducted a post-construction sound survey in support of the commissioning of the new facility. The survey identified current sound levels for the overall facility at nearby community property lines and quantified the sound emissions of major equipment items. Acentech’s data and observations demonstrated the overall facility’s compliance project with established sound criteria; indicated acceptable sound emissions for the fuel cells, backup generator, load cell, cooling towers, and containers; and indicated that the attenuation performance for the backup generator room air inlet silencer bank was consistent with the project specifications.

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