April 8, 2020

Acentech Webinars 2020

Earn AIA-CEUs from your couch! Acentech is offering several different live-online courses that you can enjoy right from the comfort of your own home. Join us via Zoom! 


  • Acoustics 101 (HSW): Back to basics! This presentation outlines fundamental principles of acoustics in buildings: the basics of sound waves, basics of human perception of sound, how sound behaves inside versus outside, the acoustic properties of building materials, reverberation, how to isolate sound between different spaces, the difference between absorbing and blocking sound, and the basics of building mechanical system noise and vibration control. We will also touch on the role of acoustic modeling in current design practice.
  • AV 101: Everything from huddle spaces to board rooms, classrooms to auditoriums, gymnasiums to ice arenas, all have AV technology in them. But each of these spaces with AV all have to answer a few questions to determine what AV goes where. What is the best size screen to use? How many speakers are the right amount and where should they be located? How is the room going to be used? This session will cover the basics of AV technology, including calculating screen sizes and choosing the right display technology, best loudspeakers for the room, microphones and what they need to work properly, and head-end equipment and where it can be installed.
  • Open Office Acoustics (HSW): Speech privacy is an important factor toward achieving productive workplaces. While the term ‘speech privacy’ can relate to the goal of confidentiality when having sensitive conversations, the topic is also critical for creating conditions for staff to work productively in open plan areas, with minimal distractions from the surrounding workplace activities. Likewise, speech intelligibility is another acoustical factor that is critical toward achieving suitable communication conditions in sound-sensitive spaces, such as meeting and conference rooms, for both in person and online communication. In this presentation, we will discuss how speech privacy and intelligibility are achieved in open and closed offices through appropriate workplace design. This discussion will cover the important aspects of the office layouts, sound absorbing finishes and background sound.
  • Acentech Live! Behind the Scenes of Broadcast Studio Design (HSW): Creating a successful broadcast requires creative talent, technical excellence, and comfortable space to facilitate interaction. In this seminar, you will learn about the process of designing a large-scale broadcast production studio from the inside-out, starting with a clip of finished content, and exploring the design decisions that make this content possible. We will identify the relationship between program and design, discuss the evolution of broadcast and the changing requirements it poses for designers, and share solutions to common challenges.
  • Green Acoustics: Acoustics on Green/Sustainable Projects (HSW): Green/sustainable design is revolutionizing the design and construction industry, providing many benefits to the owners, occupants and the environment through smarter use of energy, water and material resources and improved indoor environmental conditions. In many ways, acoustics and sustainable design complement each other toward achieving higher quality results for projects; however, there are also ways that the two topics can significantly conflict. This presentation will discuss the potential synergies and conflicts of these two design objectives.
  • When Do I Need a Noise Study? (HSW): A really common question we hear when working on project teams is “how do I know when I will need a noise study?” All too often, a project will get deep into Design Development or even fully constructed, before a zoning or permitting board asks for the project to submit a “noise study”. This can be due to code requirements, community outreach, or environmental enforcement, but regardless, it results in a rushed process of trying to hire and vet an acoustic consultant to put together a document and to solve any noise problems that have arisen. As a designer, engineer, or project manager, these are the exact type of scenarios we want to try to avoid. Schedule or budget impacts due to insufficient or delayed permitting studies can negatively impact not only project stakeholders, but also public relations with the project communities. This seminar will include discussions on what guidelines govern a noise study, how it is developed, and early measures that can be taken to ensure project success. The instructors will cover simple tools and examples to perform a basic “acoustic screening assessment” for new projects, as well as probing questions to ask as a project manager or engineer to hopefully answer the question: “do I need a noise study?”
  • Healthcare Acoustics & Vibration (HSW): Noise and vibration are important concerns for healthcare facilities. We will delve into sound and vibration basics with relevance to healthcare facilities and will review current DPH plan review checklist items related to sound and vibration. We will discuss recent trends and research related to HCAHPS performance and job satisfaction. We will also discuss sound and vibration measurement equipment and techniques and ways of monitoring noise and vibration in healthcare facilities.
  • The Magic of Theatre is the Spoken Word – Acoustics and AV Systems Design for Drama Theatres: Every word matters in a dramatic play or musical theatre performance. Design of the theatre space and its sound system are critical to its success. This presentation will address aspects of acoustical design and audiovisual design for different theatre configurations – proscenium, thrust, arena, “black box” – and performance styles – “straight” plays, musical theatre, opera. Design guidelines for achieving sound isolation and silent background noise conditions will also be addressed.



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