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Roberto Gomez

Senior Consultant

617 499 8042

What I’m Listening to Now

“The variety of client work at Acentech is amazing. I could be working on RSIP projects one week and sound monitoring for natural gas power plants the next. I enjoy the variety and the personalities at this great firm.”

Roberto Gomez consults in Acentech’s environmental acoustics group, concentrating on transportation and environmental noise. Roberto has worked on residential sound insulation program (RSIP) projects such as the Logan International Airport RSIP program in Boston, the Indianapolis Airport Sound Insulation program at the Indianapolis International Airport, and the Providence Green Sound Insulation program in Providence, RI. He has also worked on highway and rail noise projects and can model in several programs.

Roberto’s power plant experience includes compliance testing and sound monitoring for natural gas plants in Bellingham and Blackstone, Mass. He also monitored construction of the Sithe Fore River Power Station in North Weymouth, Mass.


I have a strong work ethic that comes from my dad, who came to the U.S. with nothing and made a life for himself. I am strong in other ways too: I am a 12-year cancer survivor. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing music, rooting for the NY Giants/Knicks, and skiing.


  • University of Massachusetts, Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Engineering courses
  • Trained on FHWA Traffic Noise Model and CadnaA Computer Aided Noise Abatement