March 4, 2015 | Written by: Gladys Unger | Original Publication: ALN News

Ultrasound in the Animal Laboratory Environment

As acoustical and vibration consultants, we are occasionally called upon to make measurements inside animal facilities. In some cases, the institution’s interest is in protecting their animals from additional noise and vibration due to construction in, or adjacent to, the facility. In other cases, the institutions are interested in evaluating a new or renovated space that may hold animals. A typical measurement involves a monitoring system capable of measuring floor vibration and sound, both audible and ultrasonic. Operating 24 hours a day, these systems are used to archive data, send alarms at pre-set levels (e-mail and text), and provide real time viewing on the internet. During off hours and on weekends the data provides an excellent look at the levels the animal population experiences, in the absence of construction.



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