October 15, 2015 | Written by: Thomas McGraw

There Goes the Neighborhood: Acoustical Considerations for Mixed-Used Developments

For millennia, people have developed and settled in mixed-use patterns. However, industrialization led many countries to introduce governmental zoning regulations to separate different functions, such as manufacturing from residential areas, due in large part to concerns about pollution, including excessive noise. During the last two decades in the United States, mixed-use zoning has once again become desirable for a variety of reasons, but concerns about noise remain. Whether a mixed-use development comprises a building, a complex of buildings, or a district of a city, noise is often one of the most common sources of complaints. Fortunately, these problems can often be addressed, but they almost always require careful planning and detailing.

This article from the New England Journal of Real Estate explains the issues facing developers and tenants at mixed-use projects.



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