October 1, 2015 | Written by: Scott Jordan | Original Publication: School Planing & Management

New Technologies in the Classroom

I lament the fact that my children will never experience the joy of being selected to clap out erasers from the chalkboard. Once a staple of every K-12 classroom, chalkboards these days are either covered up in older classrooms, or not even considered in newly designed classrooms. Whiteboards have appeared in their place, but with advances in audiovisual technology, even traditional whiteboards have fallen out of favor to technology.

The tools of the trade that teachers use have changed and continue to change as new options for communicating with students present themselves. Students from kindergarten through high school are comfortable with technology, and learning in classrooms where technology is in use. Depending on the school and its technology budget, the options for technology may be simple or feature-rich.

A classroom may have traditional whiteboard surfaces, and those whiteboard surfaces may have a finish that allows them to double as a projection surface. Add in an interactive shortthrow projector, and a teacher now has options for presenting to students in the classroom. If there is no wall space for a whiteboard, there are solutions that allow a whiteboard, and even the interactive projector, to mount to a cart, making technology portable within a classroom.



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