February 17, 2015 | Written by: Amber Williams | Featuring: David Bowen

Annoying Refrigerator Noises Become Less Mysterious

The buzzing. The whirring. The high­pitched ringing. Refrigerators could drive a person a bit mad, and they do: more than half of people who have a fridge are annoyed by its racket, according to a study by Korean engineers presented in 2006. One particularly irksome noise is unique to no­frost fridges: a popping sound that bursts into the room in spats when the home appliance’s compressor revs up. Researchers were uncertain as to the cause of these sounds, so mechanical engineers from MEF University and Istanbul Technical University, both in Turkey, launched a study to zero in on the audibles’ origins. First, they built their own stripped­down fridge as a testing rig. It contained only the necessary parts, including a compressor, fan, heater, evaporator and cooling pipes.



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