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Robert W. Wolff

Senior Performing Arts Advisor

Bob Wolff Headshot
“I love the work I do because of its value to the worlds of music, dance and theatre, as well as the opportunity to serve artists and audiences. I also enjoy mentoring young designers and consultants, sharing the world experience and technical expertise I’ve learned in the hope that they learn to do this work with the same ease and passion.”

Bob Wolff provides leadership to the acoustical design of performance spaces for Acentech’s Studio A consulting projects. Since 1963, Bob has focused on the design of buildings for the performing arts, including theatres, concert and recital halls, concert theatres, and rehearsal rooms. His work has brought him familiarity with design and construction approaches in Europe, Asia and North America.

In concert theatres, Bob has introduced efficient, acoustically effective systems for changing concert theatres from symphonic to operatic and ballet staging formats. These systems typically allow transformation from one mode to another with minimum staff in very short time. He has also developed successful, economical planning approaches and integration of theatrical, mechanical and electrical systems into performing arts facilities with the aim of reducing background noise to inaudibility, providing great benefit to music and speech performances.

Bob’s early training and experience as a musician, in addition to his theatre experience, prepared him to assist clients on a wide variety of performing arts projects. He is as familiar with the accommodation of swing, jazz, bluegrass, blues, show, rock and folk music as he is with recital music, chamber music and classical and romantic symphony and choral music.

Did you know?

I’m getting very close to completing my book, “Performing Arts Facility Development: Constructive Human Dynamics, Effective Collaboration and Successful Decision Making.” When I’m not writing, I’m watching Red Sox games, creating watercolor paintings, mowing 11 acres of meadow, and visiting Maine and Manhattan Island.


  • Contributed more than 30 papers and participated in as many panels at professional conferences throughout his career
  • The Pennsylvania State University, Master of Arts in Theatre Arts
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama