The 13,000 sf., 420-seat concert hall hosts a variety of music, dance, and theatre performances, as well as lecture and video presentations and cinematic screenings. Acentech designed the audiovisual systems and acoustics of the hall to accommodate the hall’s wide spectrum of uses. Our sophisticated  video  projection  and  surround  sound  system designs support  state  of-the-art multimedia presentations.

Acentech’s  acoustical  designs  included  noise  control for mechanical systems. The  result  is  a very  quiet room  (NC-20)  with  a  warm,  supportive  sound  that  is  spacious  and  enveloping  without  excessive reverberation (reverberation time of 1.3 seconds). It is  particularly well-suited for unamplified  and  lightly  amplified  music  performances, making it an exceptional space for classical  music  recitals  and  folk-pop  music performances.

Acentech designed the digital sound and video projection system to meet the needs of Spruce Peak’s unique line-up of performers. aAdigital mixing console that readily appears on many tour riders is installed in the theater. Full range loudspeakers and subwoofers located at the proscenium are tuned to work with the natural acoustics of the space to provide a deep rich sound. Surround sound loudspeakers can spellbind its audiences. A 6,500 ANSI-lumen 1080p DLP digital video projector fills a 12’ high x 22’ wide projection screen at the proscenium opening for video presentations, movie screenings, and other events. Additional technology includes backstage communications, performance monitors in the dressing rooms, and a complement of loose microphones and monitor speakers to make this quaint venue fully capable of the best performances.

“It’s a great place to ski, and now a great place to play. Nice room.” —James Taylor

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