With plans for the construction of a new parking garage in downtown Santa Monica, which would be located adjacent to a sensitive visual effects studio and the City’s Third Street Promenade, the City needed to ensure that demolition and construction-related noise and vibration would be compatible with the City’s code.  The City was particularly concerned with noise caused by the demolition of the existing parking structure, located within inches of buildings containing noise and vibration sensitive neighbors.  The existing 5-story above-grade garage would be replaced with  3 stories below-grade, 8 stories above-grade, and a solar array on the roof.

Acentech utilized real-time remote monitoring systems during demolition to continuously measure noise and vibration levels. The City provided external power and wireless modems that enabled remote monitoring, control, and data downloading capabilities. The wireless connection also provided a conduit to send e-mail and text alarm messages to site personnel if any pre-set limits were exceeded.  This allowed the City staff to anticipate complaints and to mitigate the construction activity, if necessary.

In addition to the real-time alerts, Acentech prepared monthly reports showing noise and vibration time history. The chart above illustrates noise and vibration levels for one day at one monitor location.

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