Originally constructed in 1931, the Rhode Island State Police Lincoln Woods Barracks is a historic fixture within the state. The structure is in need of upgrades to its life safety, MEP systems, security, architecture, and interior design in order to accommodate a newly implemented program and staffing needs. Additionally, it does not have a fire suppression system or fire alarm system.

Acentech is on the design team to provide security consulting services, such as state of the art security system, including intercommunications, access control and CCTV system that will be a fully integrated system for the building and the overall site. For example, if a locked door is forcibly opened, the CCTV system will automatically save pre-alarm video recordings while recording video of the actual event. Events that occur in the barracks will simultaneously be recorded at police head quarters which provides redundancy and manpower should emergencies require additional intervention.

The state police have a demanding and vital role to ensure safety and security for all citizens. Providing a safe working environment for the state police is an honor and a privilege.

Services Provided

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