Erected in 2008, the Raleigh Convention Center expands across 661,000 SF of space. It features twenty individual meeting rooms, a 150,000 SF exhibit hall that can be sectioned off into 3 rooms, an elegant reception area with commanding views of the city, and a 32,000 SF ballroom that is divisible into 3 rooms. Acentech assisted the RCC’s design team with acoustical finishes and performance, sound isolation, as well as noise and vibration control for its mechanical systems. Acentech also designed audiovisual systems for the exhibit halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and public circulation spaces.

The audiovisual system in the Exhibit Hall is designed to support a wide variety of events, from exhibits that require simple paging, to speech-based assemblies, to sporting events.  When adjacent, divisible rooms are combined, the audiovisual system was programmed operate as a single system, and when the rooms are separated the system will operate independently for each room. Other areas supported by this innovative system include the Concourse, Show Manager’s offices, and the associated Restrooms.

The audiovisual system in the Ballroom supports a number of different events including lectures, dining functions, conferences, and panel discussions. The Ballroom is also divisible into three separate sections, and is equipped with a sound system employing distributed, 2-way ceiling mounted loudspeakers with subwoofers. Like the Ballroom, the system can operate as a single, larger system or separate standalone systems. Areas are supported by this system include the Dressing Rooms and associated Restrooms.

The combinable/divisible Meeting Rooms are used primarily for meetings and include speech reinforcement and music playback systems. These meeting rooms, which can merge together as well, have an audiovisual system that is similar to but smaller than the Ballroom system. Additionally there are Meeting Rooms and a Boardroom boasting a speech reinforcement system and moderate level music playback.

There is also an information display system to broadcast visual messages at key locations in the Convention Center.  Each of the displays can be easily updated and addressed to provide specific information about the event in a specific location. The displays can also be used for promotion, crowd management, and community information.

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