Founded in 1874, the Maine General Medical Center is the largest hospital in northern New England with 27,000 inpatients, more than 500,000 outpatient visits and over 16,000 surgeries performed annually. Acentech partnered with SMRT and TRO Jung | Brannen, providing architectural acoustics and mechanical systems noise and vibration control services for this 640,000 SF project.

The project was designed and constructed using Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Working within an IPD framework was a new approach for Acentech. However, excellent communication among all team members provided the guidance and leadership needed to successfully complete the project on time and within budget.

Acentech provided recommendations for room acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical system noise and vibration control. Additionally, Acentech was tasked to establish floor vibration design criteria for sensitive spaces within the hospital, especially within patient rooms and operating rooms. Acentech further discussed means to reduce the effects of footfall-induced vibrations, which are generated in corridors near these sensitive spaces. One unique feature of this project was the sound isolation of a chiller plant located directly below some patient rooms, which caused the team to balance cost concerns with sound isolation requirements. The scope of services also included offices and conference rooms.

Acentech was proud to offer acoustical services in support of the hospital’s mission prioritizing patient privacy comfort and experience. The project achieved LEED Silver designation.

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