The new Metro Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (LRT) System (the Green Line) in Minneapolis-St. Paul began revenue operations in 2014. The new alignment connects downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul with a route that passes by the University of Minnesota, Hubbard Broadcasting and Minnesota Public Radio. Special mitigation features were incorporated into the track design to reduce LRT-related noise and vibration in these areas. The Twin Cities Metropolitan Council retained Acentech to measure the vibration and noise associated with LRT operations in order to document the effectiveness of the mitigation measures.

The scope of the measurement program makes extensive use of Acentech’s proprietary remote monitoring systems. Acentech’s systems are normally used to measure sound and vibration in highly sensitive facilities near construction sites. For this project, they were used to provide simultaneous measurements at up to 19 locations during LRT operations. The systems were also connected to the Internet, which allowed the data to be monitored in real time. Acentech provided measurements to the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council for a two-year period, which included pre-revenue and revenue service operations.

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