October 12, 2017

Acentech to Speak at I2SL 2017

The annual conference for the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories, also known as I2SL, will take place in Boston this year. Acentech is proud to announce it will be presenting a lecture on “Smart and Effective Acoustic Designs for Laboratory Buildings.”

Science research laboratory buildings often contain noise and vibration sensitive equipment that may be impacted by common vibration and noise sources inside and outside of the building. This presentation discusses the importance of space planning with noise and vibration control in mind from the beginning. Cost effective methods of noise and vibration control are discussed, as well as general HVAC planning in a laboratory building. Noise and vibration control of special spaces such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and vivarium are also discussed. Effective methods of mitigating construction noise and vibration in a phased lab project will also be discussed. Case studies will be presented as part of the discussion, including both new and retrofit buildings.

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