Acentech Spring Seminars Registration Info
May 16, 2019 | Acentech HQ - 33 Moulton Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Acentech Spring Seminars 2019

Need to bulk up on AIA-CEUs? Don’t leave it until the last minute! Acentech is offering a smorgasbord of six courses over three concurrent sessions—all of which are completely free! Join us on May 16th at our 33 Moulton Street, Cambridge office and register via the form below:

Concurrent Session 1

  • Open Office Acoustics (HSW): This session will focus on achieving speech privacy in both open offices. The emphasis will be on practical design options: we will discuss how specific workstation configurations that reduce unwanted noise and allow for speech privacy, ceiling finishes and sound masking systems work together to minimize audible distractions. This course also contains a demonstration of Acentech’s 3DListening auralization system.
  • The Hows and Whys of AV Design: Everything from huddle spaces to board rooms, classrooms to auditoriums, gymnasiums to ice arenas, all typically have AV technology in them. But each of these spaces with AV all have to answer a few questions to determine what AV goes where. This session will cover the basics of AV technology, including calculating screen sizes and choosing the right display technology, best loudspeakers for the room, microphones and what they need to work properly, and head end equipment and where it can be installed.

Concurrent Session 2

  • Buildings Near Rail Lines – Noise and Vibration Assessment and Mitigation (HSW): More and more, new construction in urban settings with significant transportation infrastructure must deal with the proximity of that infrastructure. Specifically, vibration from rail systems has the potential to adversely affect the occupants (and sensitive equipment) in nearby buildings. We will discuss how rail-related vibration can be measured; how its effects can be predicted; and potential mitigation methods.
  • The Magic of Theatre is the Spoken Word – Acoustics and AV Systems Design for Drama Theatres:  Every word matters in a dramatic play or musical theatre performance. Design of the theatre space and its sound system are critical to its success. This presentation will address aspects of acoustical design and audiovisual design for different theatre configurations.

Concurrent Session 3

  • Don’t Be Blown Away When You Need a Noise Barrier: You see them on every other roof. Those screens that make all the mechanical equipment disappear. In some cases, they are relatively light gauge pieces of sheet metal. However, they can also be a critical building design feature, intended to keep equipment in compliance with noise regulations. This seminar will provide a primer on what the noise control engineer refers to as “Noise Barriers.”
  • Acentech Live! Behind the Scenes of Broadcast Studio Design (HSW): Creating a successful broadcast requires creative talent, technical excellence, and comfortable space to facilitate interaction. In this seminar, you will learn about the process of designing a large-scale broadcast production studio from the inside-out, starting with a clip of finished content, and exploring the design decisions that make this content possible.




33 Moulton Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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