April 13, 2017 | Acentech HQ

Acentech Spring Seminars – Registration Open

Need to bulk up on AIA-CEUs? Don’t leave it until the last minute! Acentech is offering a smorgasbord of six courses over three concurrent sessions—all of which are completely free. Join us on April 13th and register below:

Concurrent Session 1

  • Designing for Classrooms of the Future Flipped? TEAL? Active learning? Classrooms and teaching styles have changed considerably as have the considerations for the AV, IT infrastructure and acoustics needs of these dynamic spaces. This presentation will investigate how one can create an ideal, cutting-edge classroom for both instructors and students.
  • Shake, Rattle & Roll: A Vibration Primer Vibrations in buildings are caused by many sources and may affect occupants as well as sensitive equipment. Learn more about vibration specifications and criteria, and gain some insight into how things vibrate and how vibration reductions can be achieved.

Concurrent Session 2

  • Why Can’t Everything be Wireless? This presentation will examine a question on many people’s minds living in the digital age. Learn more about what wireless means in both the AV and IT worlds – what are its strengths and limitations, as well as its impact on infrastructure requirements.
  • Planning for Mixed-Use Spaces  Creating mixed-use spaces doesn’t have to yield mixed results! This session will reveal how thoughtful planning and design can create ideal, multi-use facilities – including those that contain fitness centers, residential units, restaurants and offices.

Concurrent Session 3

  • Acoustics 101: Back to Basics! This program covers the fundamentals of architectural acoustics and some commonly misunderstood principles. Topics include: sound generation and travel; human sound perceptions; sound level descriptions; and the acoustic properties of different materials.
  • Meeting the Demands of Tomorrow’s Business – Open Offices Things have changed quickly within the past 10 years, making the need for offices to catch up to shifting trends all the more important when creating a productive environment for work. This presentation will focus on open offices and the common pitfalls that come with them: AV and IT infrastructure trends; future-proofing; and user experience needs for employees.




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