May 17, 2018 | Acentech HQ - 33 Moulton Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Acentech Spring Seminars 2018

Need to bulk up on AIA-CEUs? Don’t leave it until the last minute! Acentech is offering a smorgasbord of six courses over three concurrent sessions—all of which are completely free. Join us on May 17th and register below:

Concurrent Session 1

  • To See or Not to See? What You Should Know about Display Technologies: Flat panels, projection, or LED?  Pixel pitch?  Resolution?  Choosing the right display for the specific application, and integrating it seamlessly into the surrounding architecture, has both gotten easier and more difficult.  During this seminar we will discuss current and emerging display types and take a brief look ahead to ultra-fine pitch technologies.
  • Atrium Acoustics (HSW): Ranging from simple lobby and circulation spaces, to serious presentation venues, participants in this course will learn how the function of an atrium affects the acoustical design. This session covers the design variables of interior volume, selection of sound absorbing finish materials (some unusual), and appropriate sound system technology to improve speech intelligibility. This course also contains a demonstration of Acentech’s 3DListening auralization system.

Concurrent Session 2

  • Acoustics for Rehearsal + Performance Spaces (HSW): From the first tentative measures in rehearsal to the last lingering notes before the audience applauds, learn about optimizing acoustics for rehearsal and performance spaces.  Apply rules of thumb for different types and sizes of ensembles, from solo practice up to 100-piece symphonic band.
  • Sounds Great! Acoustics and AV Design Considerations for Tough Spaces (HSW): How do you get a space to function acoustically and still maintain the client-preferred aesthetics?  Discussion and case studies show creative ways to get better sound in traditionally ‘difficult’ spaces such as historic restoration or challenging shaping. Session will include a 3DListening demo.

Concurrent Session 3

  • Work it Out: Fitness Centers vs. Other Building Occupants (HSW): Are jarring noises from dropped weights, thumping bass from spin and aerobic classes, or the clatter of impact sound caused by treadmills hampering your – or your client’s – ability to co-exist with a fitness center? This course will review some noise and vibration mitigating strategies and solutions to common complaints.
  • Baby Boomers are at it again: Demystifying Assistive Listening Systems (HSW): Why are induction loop systems used throughout Europe but are rarely seen in the US? What does it take to put in a system? What does the Baby Boomer generation have to do with this? This session will answer those questions and the growing demand for assistive listening systems. The presentation will delve into the pros and cons of each of the different types of systems: IR, RF, inclusion loop/T-coil, and others.




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