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Acentech @ The Movies: Star Wars Episode VII

My wife and I went to the movie premiere of Episode VII: The Force Awakens last Thursday.  Although we did not go in costume, there were Jedi with light sabers and Ewoks in the crowd.

The Star Wars fans will not be disappointed with this new Episode.  There is a great mix of new and old characters.  There are the aerial battles, laser sword fights, battles with  the Imperial Army and confrontation with the Dark Side similar to earlier episodes.  There is even a new character similar to Darth Vader.  There is a scene that is reminiscent to the Cantina Scene in Episode IV, music and many strange creatures enjoying a cold one.  There are also the scenes on “distant remote planets” and junk vehicles that are reminiscent of Tatooine.

The movie goers cheered every time a character from previous episodes appeared, such as Hans Solo,  Chewbacca, General (Princess) Lea, C-3PO and R2-D2.  Yes, they are all there fighting with the Rebellion and against the Dark Side, quite a reunion.  You ask “But what about Luke, where is Luke?”  See the movie and discover or go on line and spoil your experience!

Ray Nugent is one of Acentech’s Principal Consultants for Vibration. He is a key member of our California office and could probably build a pretty great lightsaber. Learn more about Ray and his interests on his bio page.

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