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Tyler Tracy


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“I enjoy the wide variety of projects I work on as an acoustic consultant. Many people would be surprised at how much acoustic consulting applies to: from architectural work in nearly any building to environmental work with power stations and roadways to computerized renderings of sounds in spaces that don’t exist yet.”

Tyler Tracy first came across Acentech during his architectural acoustics class at Cornell University where Ben Markham, Director of Architectural Acoustics Group, was a visiting lecturer. After graduating from Cornell in 2018, Tyler secured an internship in Acentech’s acoustics group and later that September joined Acentech as a fulltime consultant in the Architectural Acoustics Group.


“No matter what you do, you first have to have a vision… to see your goal, to believe in it, have faith in it and chase it.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Without goals you can spin your wheels aimlessly, ending up in the exact spot you started in. If you have a vision, then you have something to strive towards. This mentality encourages and promotes success in every aspect of life.


  • Cornell University, Bachelor of Arts in Physics