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Ryan Edwards


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What I’m Listening to Now

“Knowledge and experience from my music contributes to my job while knowledge and experience from my job contributes to my music. As a result, I always feel a sense of purpose whenever I go to work.”

Ryan Edwards consults in Acentech’s Architectural Acoustics Group, working with various projects involving performing arts, educational, and commercial facilities. While earning a Master’s in Music Technology at New York University, he focused on small room active acoustics systems and studied abroad at the Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic / Music (IRCAM) in Paris, France.

Finding meaning in work

“Music happens to be an art form that transcends language.”—Herbie Hancock

I truly appreciate how my profession goes hand-in-hand with my music. I am currently working on my sixth full length studio album. Previously, I have released three hip-hop albums, one drum & bass album, and one collaborative album with a violinist.

When not at work, I am either climbing at the climbing gym or producing music in the studio. If it’s a weekend, I’m either climbing outside or skiing if it’s winter. Part of my passion for the outdoors stems from my childhood growing up in a log cabin in rural Nevada. I have been skiing, rock climbing, and hiking for my entire life.


  • New York University, Masters in Music Technology
  • Stanford University, Bachelor of Science in Engineering