Acentech Mery Meas Emily O'Brien Photography

Mery Meas

Project Accountant


What I’m Listening to Now

“There is no greater feeling than that of accomplishment when solving a complex problem. With accounting and its daily challenges, there are plenty of situations where you have no idea where to start, but reaching the finish line is always something to look forward to.”

Mery Meas is a project accountant with Acentech’s business operations team. In her role, she assists with monthly collections, invoicing, and reporting.


Mery has a passion for travel. She is particularly intrigued with the ancient world, finding it both magical and mysterious. On her travels through Siem Reap, Cambodia, Mery had the opportunity to visit Angkor Wat, the largest complex temple in the world. She hopes to visit all the wonders of the world one day, experiencing new adventures and immersing herself in different cultures.


  • Started Acentech in 2018
  • Salem State University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration