Marielle Frederick

CAD Specialist

What I’m Listening to Now

“I learned about Acentech through a former classmate who works for Acentech. After I asked a bit about the culture of the work environment and the nature of the work I was intrigued. Once I started I could tell this was both a comfortable and positive place to work.”

Something people may not know about Marielle is that she loves to travel, and only started to travel internationally in the past four years. Each time she has gone abroad she’s gone with someone who is from that country and as a result she has experienced many inside local cultural moments, for which she says she is grateful and lucky to have.

Marielle looks up to people who manage to succeed with grace and kindness despite extreme adversity. Her biggest pet peeve? Slow walkers who take up too much space on the sidewalk on a busy day!

When Marielle isn’t working on complex CAD drawings with Acentech’s Systems group, she is at home reading, or spending time outside.

Embrace Yourself

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou


  • Boston Architectural College, Bachelor of Architecture, 2020
  • AIA Henry Adams Medal Recipient