Kat Sanford

Administrative Assistant

617 499 8016

What I’m Listening to Now

I have always been drawn to professions that have allowed me to help people work through their everyday problems, which is why I like working with the administration team at Acentech. I enjoy being a calm, positive resource for those who need it—and if I get to color coordinate a to-do list every once and a while, so be it!

Prior to joining Acentech, I had been working as a teacher for three years – most recently in Dorchester, but also in Indonesia and other foreign countries. I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa, working with my village to improve water and sanitation conditions in the community.

Poetry and motion

I enjoy challenging myself and experiencing new things. Sometimes it’s as adventurous as motor biking up a mountain, living in a mud house with no electricity or running water, or hitch-hiking through the lower Sahara. However, sometimes it’s as ordinary as getting students to appreciate poetry and Shakespeare, taking a dance class, or renovating a dusty library.

My favorite quote: “One flower at a time. I want to hear what it is saying.” – from Bouquets by Robert Francis.


  • Started at Acentech in 2017; spent several years teaching abroad and working as a Peace Corps volunteer
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Cum Laude
  • Skills include writing and editing; research and data compilation; event planning; community leadership