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John Lloyd

Senior Consultant

617 499 8001

What I’m Listening to Now

“Like most people, it did not naturally occur to me that it might be someone’s job to consider and design the sound of a space. I toured a new performing arts venue with my high school physics class, and the guide described what the acoustical consultants had done. I thought to myself, ‘That’s someone’s job? I think I’d like to do that.’ At Acentech, I enjoy the diversity of work. Each project comes with a new team of people to work with and a new set of challenges to tackle. The variety keeps things fresh and keeps me on my toes.”

John Lloyd is an acoustician working with various projects involving educational, commercial, and residential facilities. His areas of concentration include architectural acoustics, mechanical systems noise and vibration control, and environmental acoustics. As a 2013 Wagoner Fellowship recipient, John spent six months at the Institute for Technical Acoustics in Aachen, Germany developing a novel measurement device to investigate the variability of acoustical criteria in concert halls.

What you don’t know about me

When I’m not at work, I am attending concerts, playing tennis, and scouring Boston for quality Tex-Mex food. I sneeze when I eat sweets. Just one sneeze. A favorite quote: “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.” ~ René Magritte


  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Master of Science in Architectural Sciences
  • Rice University, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering