Gladys Unger

Senior Consultant

617 499 8000

Dr. Gladys Unger has a wide range of experience in acoustics and vibration including environmental noise studies and building vibration. She has been involved in remote monitoring of vibration and noise as it pertains to sensitive research equipment and animal facilities, where her expertise extends to ultrasound.

In addition, much of Gladys’ work has involved product noise analysis, sound quality studies, and machinery diagnostics. Her work involves testing and measurement of acoustical signals, vibration, pressure fluctuations, and those quantities related to fluctuating forces within the machinery under study. In her consulting work at Acentech, Gladys creates prototypes and assembles diagnostic systems, and handles the “human side” of jury studies: designing the jury forms, convening the jury, administering the testing, and reducing the data.


  • Started at Acentech in 2005
  • Pennsylvania State University, Certificate in Noise Control Engineering
  • University of Pittsburgh, Doctorate and Master of Science in Physics
  • Gettysburg College, Bachelor of Arts in Physics
  • Co-inventor on patent for “Method and Apparatus for Sound Transduction with Minimal Interference from Background Noise and Minimal Local Acoustic Radiation” (US 7,477,751)
  • Presented research papers at meetings of several professional societies, including Institute of Noise Control Engineering USA