Fred R. Kern, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

617 499 8081

Dr. Fred Kern conducts research and consults in the fields of noise prediction and reduction primarily related to machinery in naval, transportation and structural applications.

These applications have included ship silencing, acoustic test facility design and validation testing, community noise modeling, measuring, and the development and review of noise abatement measures. He was responsible for the development of AARCSEA, one of the most advanced Statistical Energy Analysis computer programs for predicting the flow of vibratory and acoustic energy through structures and acoustic volumes. At Acentech, his responsibilities include project management, noise and vibration data collection, analysis, computer modeling for noise predictions, noise mitigation measures, and preparation of reports.

Fred has developed methods to model and reduce the machinery excitation transmission and radiation from many types of machines ranging from torpedo piston expander motors to advanced gas and steam turbines, and for electric motors and generators to massive main propulsion reduction gears used in naval ships. These methods have been applied to silencing trucks in DoT and EPA sponsored programs and to the development of highway noise models. They have also been applied to the design of research facilities at BB&N, the Naval Under Sea Warfare Center in Newport, RI, the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, and an aircraft test facility for Boeing in Seattle, Washington. Fred has also taken part in measurement programs used to validate the noise predictions and noise control measures of an NSF research vessel located in the Strait of Magellan.


  • Started at Acentech in 2000
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D., Master of Science, Bachelor of Science