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Our People Make the Difference

Acentech Staff: Acoustical Consultants

There are plenty of good reasons to collaborate with Acentech. The best one is our people.

We are a combination of technical experts, seasoned technology designers, acoustical consultants, experienced professionals with diverse specialties and even more talents. We listen. We learn your project goals. We work with your goals in mind when we apply our recommendations and design your systems. No lack of creativity here. We apply whatever it takes, from common sense approaches to complex acoustics and vibration calculations to meet your objectives. We understand that our success is derived only from achieving your expectations. We've been doing this for our clients for more than 60 years.

What may we do for you?

Acentech is:

Steve Africk
Tom Aites
Colleen Anderson
Perry Artese
Matt Azevedo
James Barnes
David Bateman
Rhoda Belostock
Robert Berens
Aaron Betit
David Bowen
Ethan Brush
Brittney Cannella
Richard Closs
Bob Connick
Nicole Cuff
Ben Davenny
Jay Epstein
Jeff Fullerton

Bianca Girazian
Roberto Gomez
Joe Horesco
Fengru Huang
Scott Jordan
Fred Kern
Sony Khatri
Alicia Larsen
Tom Lynott
Richard Lyon
Ben Markham
Jason Martinez
Brian Masiello
Sarah McGillicuddy
Tom McGraw
Larry McIntyre
Jim Moore
Marc Newmark
Ray Nugent

Larry Philbrick
Ioana Pieleanu
Rein Pirn
Carl Rosenberg
Jonah Sacks
Corey Salvatore
Heather Skarvan
Doug Sturz
Rose Mary Su
Minh Tran
Terence Tyson
Eric Ungar
Gladys Unger
Rebecca Wade
Robert Wolff
Eric Wood
Bill Yoder
Jeff Zapfe

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